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In April 1996, my family and I took advantage the Easter break to visit my parents in Roselle. I was also anxious to visit Upsala and wanted to let my family see the campus for themselves.

Upsala was always beautiful in the Spring and Spring '96 was no exception. Just the same, the year had taken its toll and signs of neglect were everywhere. The grass was too high and was turning to seed. Grafitti had made its appearance in several places. The pillars of Propect Gate had been smashed and left to crumble. Everywhere there was trash and debris. Upsala was always very proud of its trees but many were gone and many of those that remained had limbs torn from them.

There were other signs of decay here and there but the main buildings were pretty much as I'd left them the year before. The exceptions to this rule were Froeberg Hall, Old Main and the Library. Froeberg Hall since it had become a dumping ground for unwanted dorm bedding and office furniture. The Library since it had been occupied by the East Orange Police. Old Main, grand old girl that she is, seems to have fared worst of all. All ground-level windows had been boarded up. Upsala's fate was perfectly summed up by the sign that someone, in a final ironic gesture, had posted in Old Main's uppermost front window: "CLOSED".

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thumbnail: By Puder Hall

By Puder Hall
April 1996
thumbnail: Puder Hall

Puder Hall
May 1995
thumbnail: Beck Hall#1

Beck Hall#1
May 1995
thumbnail: Beck Hall#2

Beck Hall#2
April 1996
thumbnail: Friedrich Roetter Memorial

Friedrich Roetter
May 1995
thumbnail: Prospect Gate#1

Prospect Gate
April 1996
thumbnail: Old Main#1

Old Main#1
April 1996
thumbnail: Old Main#2

Old Main#2
April 1996
thumbnail: Old Main#3

Old Main#3
May 1995
thumbnail: Old Main#4

Old Main#4
May 1995
thumbnail: Bremer Hall#1

Bremer Hall#1
April 1996
thumbnail: Froeberg Hall#1

Froeberg Hall#1
April 1996
thumbnail: Kenbrook Hall#1

Kenbrook Hall#1
May 1995
thumbnail: Kenbrook Hall#2

Kenbrook Hall#2
May 1995

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