Upsala Ontario Canada

Facts about Upsala Ontario, Canada

Upsala is a township in the Thunder Bay District of northwestern Ontario, Canada. It is located along the Trans Canada Highway in the Unorganized Thunder Bay District.

 It was named after the city of Uppsala.

 Upsala was an important fuel and water stop for trains traveling on the Canadian Pacific Railway.

 The Upsala area is located north of Lac des Mille Lacs, which was an important fur trade waterway, and is home to many fishing and hunting resorts.


 The town of Upsala was established in the township of Upsala to serve as a station for the Canadian Pacific Railway. It was named after the township because it reflected the Swedish and Nordic backgrounds of many area immigrants.

 The planned settlement was interrupted by the outbreak of World War One, but a survey of the township was completed in 1914. In 1922, the Canadian Pacific Railway requested that the area be opened for settlement.

 H.D. Wiseman, Hugo Carlson, C. Nordstrom, S. Kenuck, O. Hakanson, G.R. Johnston, and Esther Aho were some of the Pioneer settlers. The first school in the town was established in 1925. The first class had a person in it. People would gather in their homes or at school to dance to the fiddle. The Aho home was burned by a forest fire in 1928.

 The Women’s Institute was founded in 1935 by Mrs. D.B. Frazer. The Agricultural Society was established in a hall east of Upsala on property owned by C. There was a man named McGuire. The society sponsored potato growing contests and purchased fertilizer at low prices. Mr. Harrison, the proprietor of the Victoria Hotel in Fort William, donated a cup called the Harrison Trophy which became the property of three-time winner Harold Johnston, the son of pioneer farmers

 The town consisted of many homes on both sides of the tracks by the 1930s. No roads were in the center of town until 1937 when the highway went in. The station and pump house were north of the tracks. The community hall, Upsala Inn, J.R. Ellat Store, and the school were to the south. Mail and supplies arrived at the station on trains.

 The town used to be traveled by rail. The Trans Canada Highway was built on the site of a wagon trail in the town to connect it to the twin cities of Fort William and Port Arthur.

What can you do in Upsala for amusement?

 There is fishing

 Most people like fishing at Lac des Mille Lacs & Upsala. The largest contributor to inland angling opportunities is this lake. The area is popular with residents and nonresidents who visit to fish. It is known for its sport fishing for pike and whitefish. Lac des Mille Lacs has some of the best fishing spots in the country. Tourists from all over the world come to Upsala to experience the fishing. Most tourists come from Canada and the United States.

 There is hunting

 Visitors from all over the country and the world visit the Upsala & Lac des Mille Lacs region. One of the richest sources of hunting in the area is located in the region. Many locals from the Thunder Bay district travel to Upsala to see what Lac des Milles Lacs has to offer. The region is well known for moose, deer, and small game hunting. We can show you what hunting is like here in Upsala.

 Why Upsala?

 The location of Upsala and Lac Des Mille Lacs region makes it an ideal location to live in. It is far enough away to achieve a holiday escape mindset but not so far away to make it seem like a long trip. We have a wide range of activities from hunting to fishing to beautiful scenery. Some of the best sights in Northern Ontario can be found at Upsala. We can assure you that there will always be something for you in Upsala. A place for all seasons is what makes Upsala a great place.

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